How to stay protected so that you won’t get affected by asthma?

Asthma treatment

Asthma was one of the reasons why most people of the metropolitan cities were wearing masks even before the onset of COVID-19.

All the industries, factories which we have built by extensive deforestation, the mother nature is returning to us in full flow.

But as you know we find the solution for almost everything, so we have also got it for asthma. Regarding Asthma, we know is a disease that cannot be fully treated but has to be supported with Asthalin Inhaler, Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds. We can only lower its frequency with help of medications just like diabetes mellitus.

In this article, we shall learn about the precaution and safety measures to follow to keep asthma under control.

Get confirmed whether you have asthma or not?

Some people are extra alert, a slight cough, sneeze, and think they have got asthma. Asthma is not only about sneezing and coughing or feeling breathless.

Asthma is when you get the sneeze, cough, and feel out of breath in response to a specific kind of allergen, smoke, or environment. For example, you are fine and good in your house and on the streets. But whenever you inhale the smoke of cigarette you start sneezing terribly.

These substances or objects which make you feel uncomfortable are referred to as asthma triggers, where you need Asthalin Inhaler, Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds. You have to observe and detect your asthma trigger. And with it keep consulting your doctor.

Wear masks whenever in public places

It has been seen that most asthma patients get triggered when they are in public places. In public places such as markets, streets, malls, restaurants dust, smoke, and emissions from vehicles are common.

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In certain restaurants or bars, smoking is allowed, for asthma patients, smoking is also one of the triggers. So, plan your lifestyle according to it. Go to a restaurant that is known for its cleanliness and smoking is not allowed.


Stay away from passive smokers

In public places, you can wear masks to prevent an asthma attack. But if in your workplace your colleague or boss is a passive smoker. You work all day with them then it is quite possible to inhale that smoke.

Being an asthma patient it is advisable to maintain a safe distance from them when they are smoking.

Otherwise, you will keep coughing and sneezing all day and night.

Install air purifier at home

During the lockdown period, the air becomes much clear as we were locked in our homes.

But as the lockdown was lifted, everything became as it was earlier. It’s better to install an air purifier at home or in your office. Air purifier kills all the microorganisms and mostly dust mites that can trigger your asthma.

At regular intervals keep changing the HEPA filter in the purifier. This HEPA filter absorbs the dust mites and lets clean airflow into your room. With time it becomes dirty and can no more filter the air. So, it must be changed otherwise the air purifier is of use.

Change your bed sheets frequently

Even after installing an air purifier, you are facing asthma attacks in your home. Then you should check your bed sheets, bed covers, pillow covers. They retain the dust mites from the air in the room.

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An air purifier can filter the air but cannot remove dust mites from a particular thing. So, regularly wash your bed sheets in warm water with detergent.

Check whether you are vaccinated for flu or not.

Doctors have observed that those who are suffering from asthma currently are most vulnerable to contracting flu. The reason is that the flu also has the same symptoms as coughing, sneezing which gradually become fatal as flu.

So, if you are diagnosed with asthma get yourself vaccinated against flu.

Make your body move

Exercising regularly is one of the key things to maintain good health. Good health doesn’t mean to have six-pack abs. It means that you are physical as well as mentally fully sound.

Our work nowadays has become work from home. Sitting in a place motionless for hours makes the joints and tissues rigid.

In asthma our airways are constricted to open them again there are several yoga asanas. Discuss with your doctor about any exercise that you could do in asthma conditions.

Using inhalers but not too much

A temporary solution to asthma is inhalers. They are specific chemicals which when inhaled relax the airways and let the airflow in and out of the lungs fluently.

One can easily get Asthalin Inhaler, Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds. But never use an inhaler too much. Because the chemicals in them can cause side effects such as fungal infection in the mouth, swelling, etc. Hence, it is important to note down the meds needed for action, but natural ways of remedy is always the preferred suggestion.

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